Founded in 1988 HOPPE (UK) Ltd is now recognised as market leader in the field of door and window hardware where the  HOPPE  product is highly respected for its quality, innovation and performance.  A purpose built state-of-the-art distribution centre at Gailey Park, seven miles north of Wolverhampton, provides the ideal location for distribution throughout the UK. At 50,000sq.ft. it offers ultra modern facilities for both employees and customers with a fully equipped showroom / meeting room available. The company is now organised into two distinct divisions, namely the Architectural Division and the Door & Window Division. The Architectural Division also comprises the Access Control, Retail and Specifi cation sub-divisions.  Many of the products featured have been tested to meet the latest European and British standards where applicable, offering quality and innovation to all sectors of the market. Using sophisticated computer technology and communication equipment coupled with highly trained and dedicated staff, HOPPE (UK) Ltd remains committed to serving customers with pride. Our vision statement is that HOPPE (UK) Ltd strives for continued growth  through our employees’  absolute commitment to long term trusting partnerships with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

      Under  the  ARRONE ® brand  name, HOPPE  (UK) Ltd are able to offer a  comprehensive  range  of  architectural  quality  door  and  window hardware  along  with  accessories.  Many  products  are  manufactured exclusively by leading  hardware  manufacturers  throughout the world. Within  the extensive  range are door closers,  floor springs, emergency exit devices, cylinders, architectural mortice lock cases,hinges,disabled  fittings, signs and accessories. ARRONE ® products are designed and manufactured to compliment the HOPPE range of aluminium, brass, stainless steel and nylon door and window hardware.

Handle of Excellence
      For everyone who wants to change their surroundings, HOPPE, Europe’s leading  brand of door and window  handles, can fit in with any personal living and furniture style. Every original  HOPPE  product offers high quality at a competitive price.  HOPPE products are the professionals’ first choice; there is something for everyone in this extensive product range. HOPPE not only offers a choice of imaginatively designed handle for  doors  and  windows, but  also develops  specific  solutions. Thus a building  or  an apartment can be  equipped from the windows down to the  main  entrance  door  with  the handle of  excellence in aluminium, brass, nylon or stainless steel.

HOPPE’s operational guarantee
      According to HOPPE, a brand name product keeps its promise of quality to the  enduser. As  a  way of  ensuring  this , HOPPE  gives a 10 - year guarantee on all door and  window  handles ( as long as the respective assembly  and  maintenance  guidelines  are  fulfilled;  please  see “Guarantee”  point 2, p 171 ). HOPPE  brand  name  products  under go numerous  tests  to ensure  flawless  operation. Static  impact tests and durability test  also  made  according to the product type. These closely reflect  the  everyday knocks hardware  has to take and extend beyond the  tests  and  requirements  of  DIN  EN 1906 or RAL - RG 607 / 9.