Our standard glazing options are either Clear, Green or Grey - all in 6mm Float glass. This is included in the quotation for your doors & windows. Of course there are many different extra-cost options you can choose from, just a few of which are listed below.


Single Float Glass

6mm Blue (the coloured tint in the glass we use is actually part of the composition of the glass, it is not a film applied to the surface) 6mm Reflective Green or Blue. The reflectivity is achieved by a coating applied to one side of the glass. Other colours are available subject to availability.
Thinner glass than 6 mm. is available (and fitted as standard by some window companies) however we feel that 6 mm. is the minimum requirement in order to achieve the required performance levels.

Laminate Glass

Used where safety and/or security is of prime importance.  Laminate glass will stay in one piece when accidentally broken thereby removing the danger of injury caused by falling glass.Laminate glass is composed of three seperate layers, much like a sandwich.  On the inside and outside is the actual glass, in the middle is a PVB film which bonds the three layers together.  Available in the same colours as standard float glass and varying thicknesses.

Tempered Glass

Also known as toughened glass. Tempered glass is made by heating float glass and cooling rapidly.  The glass then becomes approximately four times stronger than standard float glass.
When damaged, tempered glass shatters into small pieces across its entire area.  Available in the same colours as standard float glass although the supply of tempered reflective glass is subject to availability.

Low E Glass

Pilkington Low E glass has been around for a good many years now and is designed to make your windows more efficient.
It works by having a special coating which reflects back the heat thereby reducing your air con-ditioning costs. For optimum savings and efficiency Low E should be used as part of an IG unit.

Obscure Glass

For use where privacy is important - in a bathroom window for example.

IG Also known as Double Glass.

As it's name suggests this is comprised of two seperate pieces of glass with an air space between them.They are made into one unit by the use of aluminium spacer bar. This air space coupled with the two pieces of glass means that you will benefit from both sound reduction and greater thermal efficiency.  Any of the glass variants above can be made into an IG unit,for example,should you wish you could have 6mm Green Float on one side & 6mm Clear Tempered on the other. To see the full range of glass and discuss the options available please call in to our showroom on Pattaya Klang.