Trade upvc has a range of products that will make your home more energy-efficient, saving you money and reducing your Co2 output. Did you know that if you have single glazing and upgrade to double glazing you could reduce your carbon emissions by as much as 720 kg in a year.

      More on energy-efficient windows You've probably heard that the amount of energy we waste in our homes is directly linked to climate change. You'll definitely have noticed the ever increasing cost of energy for cooling your home. But did you know that the type of glass you use in your windows can help your home be more energy-efficient?

     By using thermally efficient glazing such as Low E, or IG in your windows & doors you will make your home more energy-efficient by saving on air-conditioning bills.

  • Save money on fuel bills.
  • Advanced Performance energy-efficient windows.
  • High performance windows reduce heat loss by 30%
  • PVC-U profiles are expected to last in excess of 40 year.
  • PVC-U can be recycled over 10 times without deterioration in molecular quality and has a total life span of 400 years.
  • UPVC is a multi purpose material and glass and steel in the window unit can also be recovered.


1. Excellent weather resistance.

PVC Windows Profile Systems Consist of Polyviny-Chloride, Stabilizer, Titanium Dioxide etc. in order to withstand various kinds of weather conditions, ultraviolet rays and rapidly changing weather while the frame structure can slightly expand or contract. It is able to withstand high surface temperatures of up to 82oC without defects. This means that long-term sunny coditions do not cause the profile structure to break or deteriorate in quality, throughout the whole lifetime of your windows.

2. Excellent heat insulation and energy saving.

According to a recent survey, 27% of household energy is generally lost through windows. Proper selection of windows and glass would enormously cut down this energy loss.PVC Windows Systems with 20 mm insulated glass thickness, could conduct the K value of 1.65 w/m2k, compared with 7.50w/m2k for general aluminum window frame. Therefore PVC Windows cut down energy loss far better than any aluminum window. This is because PVC Windows Profile Systems are made in hollow sections (multi chamber system) by an extrusion process, which lowers external heat dispersion into the inner area.

3. Excellent water resistance.

PVC Windows Systems employ a corner welding process to ensure that the window or door corner is completely welded into a single structure, therefore, water is unable topass through the welded joint.

4. Excellent sound proofing.

PVC Windows Profile Systems have multiple chambers inside the profile structure while the hardware system is equipped with a multi point locking system to ensure properclosing and tightness. This efficiently reduces noise level (sound reduction ratio is between 33-43 db)

5. Corrosion resistance.

In cities with high pollution levels PVC Windows Systems can withstand any corrosion caused by such conditions. Even in beach area residencies, humid weather is unable to corrode, or damage PVC Windows Profiles.

6. Excellent fire proofing.

PVC Windows Profile Systems are fully self extinguishing. Polymer, the material that PVC Windows Profile Systems are made from, is non-combustible, due to its high chlorine concentration, and the use of appropriate compounds. PVC Windows Profile Systems are manufactured under DIN 16 830 standard, guaranteeing your safety.

7. Atttactive appearance.

PVC Windows Profile Systems are built with smooth surfaces and properly welded corners. The profile colour will not turn yellow or fade after a few years of use. Frequent cleaning is possible without any repainting throughout the useful life of the frame, so the maintenance cost is low compared to wood.

8. Environmentally friendly.

PVC Windows Profile Systems are made from ecologically friendly materials in terms of less pollutant emissions than wood and aluminum. Polymer is recyclable, and so there is no lost material as all waste goes back into the recycling process.


Sustaining environments

We operate a detailed environmental policy, which includes the recycling of a variety of materials and post consumer waste. Upvc windows continually implement new procedures to minimise its impact on the environment. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we use components and products that have minimal environmental impact and offer excellent whole life costings throughout their lifetime with minimal maintenance requirements.