Modern Door Technology by Winkhaus Functional, safe and stable

Exterior door are the show piece of your house.  Door, however, should not only serve as a decorative element, but also ensure proper protection. Winkhaus STV multiple point locks andinserts mountedontimber,PVC and  aluminium  door comply with the European anti - break door security norm (EN 1303 : 2005). First and foremost, Winkhaus multipoint locks secure the door against forced entry not only in the central part of the leaf, i. e. where barrel locks are usually installed , but also in the top and the bottom. The number of additional specially profiled hook - like bolts depends on a particular door model and customer ' s requirements. Stan - dard size exterior door may be bolted even in as many as five points (hence“ multi point”).Doors equipped with a STV multipoint lock ensure security against  forced  entry much more  efficiently  than traditional  doors with standard locking systems. Furthermore,multipoint locks also reinforce the leaf and prevent warping, while easy adjustment  of  adherence of the leaf to the frame ensures long years and comfort of use. Winkhaus STV multipoint locks and certified barrel inserts ensure increased safety without the need for application of any additional safety solutions such as slabs, bars or additional surface mount locks.

Advantages of STV Multipoint Door Locks

1. Winkhaus STV locks

secure the door in multiple points by means of special bolts.The design and solidity of the lock ensures high resistance to forced entry. Applica -tion of an STV lock with more bolts ( maxi - mum of 5) improves safety and extends fail - safe use of the door. The leaf better fits into the door frame and maintains it's original shape.Close fitting of the leaf into the frame is especially impor - tant in case of light weight door, which are significantly more prone to deformation.


2. Massive latches constitute one of the essential components of STV locks.

Fixed in multiple points of the frame, latches in-crease the door’s resistance to forcedntry and improve STV locks’s tability by ensuring equal distribution of the forces that press the leaf to the frame along the entire door. Adjustable pocket latch and carefully shaped bolt ensure optimal adherence of the leaf to the frame.


3. The precise design of the lock enables the door to be opened with an insert or a handle.

STV locks have toothed agglomerated metal wheels for long lasting operation. Locking of the door results in an automatic mechanical block that does not allow locking components to return to their initial position. When the door is locked, no forces are exerted on the insert driver, therefore insertion of the key is always easy.


4. STV locks have been tested by European. (Advantages of STV Multipoint Door Locks)

laboratories and by the Building Research Institute in Poznań. Their high quality and safety features have been confirmed with relevant certificates. Locks may be used for manufacture of anti - break door. Locks are tested for resistance to forced entry and durability of the cassette, which must endure the minimum of 150,000 closing cycles.


5. Doors may be locked in two ways depending on the selected locking system:

Option 1 by using the key
Option 2 by turning the handle by 45°.
In order to activate STV lock by turning the handle, handles must me mounted on both sides of the door.


6. STV-FW strip lock

Is equipped with a “rigid chain” which will replace a flexible chain lock or a viewer, which offer only a limited visual field. Thanks to this solution it is now possible to safely take a look at the person at the door before letting them in. When the door is opened with the key, the lock with a rigid chain automatically unlocks the door is opened in wards with the knob. As the rigid chain is mounted in side the leaf, the door aesthetics is preserved.


Safety, precision, comfort

Well designed door with a fail safelock equipped with a high quality barrel insert ensure safety of people and property. State of the art barrel insertsmanufactured by Winkhaus are marked by high precision of execution and functionality and known for dependable and perfect opera- tion for long years. We recommend Master Key individual inserts and locking systems, which comply with rigorous requirements imposed on mechanical securing systems. Winkhaus offer includesmany barrelinsert systems depending on the required level of security. For large facilities we recommend comprehensive locking systems that ensure control of the access in accordance with their organizational structure.